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All our software includes Windows Mobile support, as well as Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.


Memory-Map Version 5.4.4  Click here to Download  (26 MBytes)

When upgrading, please Uninstall the previous version before installing this one. (To uninstall, Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, select Memory-map and click Remove).


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Remote Tracking Add-on for Memory-Map Pro. More Info. Click here to Download


AIS Add-on for Memory-Map Pro. More Info. Click here to Download


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UK customers note: This version is NOT compatible with GB Ordnance Survey maps. Click here to get the latest version.


Note: if you have Maptech Pocket Navigator, you need a new license key. Click here to upgrade.

Memory-Map cartography is also available to download from the Digital Map Shop.

If you have problems installing the software, you may need to install the latest version of Microsoft Windows Installer.

Changes from 5.4.3 to 5.4.4

Fixed installation problems.

Fixed problems with accessing mobile device.

Fixed GPX files with empty tags.

Changes from 5.4.2 to 5.4.3

GPX file routes and tracks include line color, thickness, style

Fixed qct cache folder problem when building map list on Windows 7.

PPC: close data windows by sliding off-screen with a finger.

World basemaps added to installation.

Changes from 5.4.0 to 5.4.2

Fixed blank overlay props dialog bug

Fixed route card problem

Custom mark icons only saved in MMO if they are used

PPC: Less chance of corrupt file if program is unexpectedly killed

PPC: New finger-mode icon design

PPC: New finger-mode button to "Go To Mark"

PPC: Unlock GPS automatically when you scroll the position off the screen

Changes from 5.3.2 to 5.4.0

New Look! Redesigned user interface.

Undo / Redo overlay changes

Forwards / Back map view

Docking overlay selection & properties

Docking profile and navigation data windows

Customizable toolbar and menus

Turn angle and Next Turn nav data

Overlay tree control auto-scrolls when dragging an overlay to another category

Changes from 5.3.1 to 5.3.2

New: Digital Map Shop: Online database of downloadable maps and charts

Dynamic scrolling is smoother on PC

GPX Import: Tracks with identical timestamp on every point were not imported.

GPX Import: Ignore spurious data before the first tag

CSV output: Don't output icon BMPs unless used in the file

Download includes a world base-map (Existing users may have to re-build their map list).

Changes from 5.2.7 to 5.3.1

New map format (*.QC3) to support online map data and Digital Map Shop.

Dynamic scrolling effect

Mark/WP: Offset by... Move a mark by a given distance/bearing

PPC: Now handles a large number of charts efficiently

PPC: Added finger buttons for Lock and Context menu

PPC: When the battery state is low, device automatically turns off before the battery is completely drained.

PPC: Hotspot configuration settings

AIS:  Need to download the latest AIS add-on to work with this version.


Changes from 5.2.5 to 5.2.7

Free PC Navigation: GPS Plot and BSB chart viewing are now free and not license managed

Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) can now use license-managed maps

GPX Import: added object creation dates

GPX Import: added Heartrate, cadence and air temp for tracks

GPX Export: Waypoint comment in "desc" instead of "cmt"

Added automatic support for Garmin Colorado and Edge in Mass-storage mode

Added Garmin Training Center (.tcx) file import

Fixed license problems with BSB4 charts

Added NV / CYC chart import (.EAP files)

Fixed: GPX Export: Only use CDATA where needed

PPC: Fixed: tapping on MMO, QCT or NMEA files to open in Pocket Navigator

PPC: Faster startup when using large number of maps.

PPC: Copy desktop language setting to PDA after installation

PPC: Show Mobile Device license dialog after installation

Bug: Linked URLs were converted to lower case

AIS: Added DSC radio support (Position reports / Distress locations plotted)

AIS: Added NMEA-0183 Autopilot output when following route

AIS: Deletes old AIS information when started more than one hour since last use.

AIS: Collision alarm ignores stationary ships

AIS: Added Weather Radar for PC (Separate application for Windows Mobile)


Changes from 5.1.3 to 5.2.5

If a mark's linked file is a *.exe, the parameter list is passed when the link is opened.

Fixed ascent/descent for route legs less than 100m.

Windows Mobile 5 and WM6: softkeys now zoom

PPC: Improved dialog layout for square-screen devices

PPC: Option to automatically change map when your reach max zoom in/out

Language translation from external file

SiRF Binary mode removed

New license management system (existing users have to create a new account)

Web->View Google Map

Cadence data graph from Garmin Edge

Water depth graph from NMEA DPT

Fixed Profile tooltip on multi-monitor systems

Import maps (jpg,tiff) on latlong projection

Changes from 5.1.1 to 5.1.3

Fixed crash on Mobile Device/Import Data with Routes

Fixed GPX file import/export with links containing ampersands

Fixed Canadian NAD27 map calibration and UTM grid positions

Added Route Card command to Route->Operations menu

Added Save Default Style button to route and track properties

Changes from 5.0.5 to 5.1.1

Added Windows Mobile Smartphone support

Fixed GPX import bug.

AIS: change in velocity vector scale or range circle affects all vessels

PPC: When Nautical units are selected, scale bar does not change from NM to Yds

Overlay props: remember window & splitter position

Fixed bug in route time estimation when speed = 0

Fixed WM5 crash when Regional settings date format is changed

Fixed Mobile Device > Send Visible Portion for individual map/chart

Fixed Map/Image export with relief shading, when the image exceeds map boundary

Removed Object Category drop-down control (use tree instead)

Prompt "GPS Demo?" on startup

Pocket PC: GPS position shows in weather radar product (sold separately)

Fixed: Right-click, Save-as on route in overlay props.

Fixed: Assign a button to Context Menu, and press it more than once.

Highlight the current GPS position on the route profile

Send associated placename index when map is sent to PDA

Fixed crash: Map list -> Refresh Map List -> OK -> Cancel -> Click map menu.

Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5

Added support for ship tracking via AIS

Fixed Find Place on PPC.

Position data window shows seconds in GPS Time.

Merge Map feature enabled for Discoverer license

Web/Download or share trails now links to nearby trails on (USA only)

Fixed WM5 crash if you change the date format in regional settings

Fixed Pocket PC installation message "This program may not display correctly..."

Renamed "Goto" toolbar button as "Find"

Renamed "Print Window" in Print dialog as "Print Selected Area"

Updated manual

Added support for Garmin Edge (track datatype 304)

Changes from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3

Fixed Windows Mobile 5 GPS manager

Pocket PC: Added Canadian Township & Range position format (Pro feature)

Web/Download Maps: Uses map type to redirect to free NOAA marine charts

Improved Speed formatting (displays trailing zeros)

Selecting SiRF in GPS Settings disables the GPS Static Navigation mode. Switches back to NMEA mode on exit.

Changes from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

Fixed Scale-out bug

Fixed elevation/speed profiles with auto-scale is turned off

Route Card: Fixed Profile and Map image display in Firefox browser

Route Card: Fixed scaling problem with north-south routes

3D: decreased max field of view

3D: Spin mode - cursor keys move viewpoint

Fixed crash when you attempt to print when no printer is installed on the system

SDK: Added MM_SetLineStyle for routes and tracks

Pro: Added Manitoba Township & range

Changes from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1

3D: fixed bug causing "jump" during manual navigation

3D: Restored easy "Spin" mode

3D: fixed mist color

3D: Sync with map & graph highlights (red dot).

Map Image export: added grid overlay/labels (also on the Route Card overview map)

Profile graphs: Right-click menu command to turn off auto-scale

Added "Associated data" to map properties, to automatically open elevation and placename data when the map is loaded

Pocket PC: fixed scrollbar for Overlay/List dialog for landscape/square display

Pocket PC: color selection for routes, tracks and velocity vector.

Pocket PC: User can give the map a name when a portion is sent to PDA

Pocket PC: Sending full map(s) to PDA gives total file size

Pocket PC: Send arbitrary size/shape map portion to PDA (right-click on closed Route)

British National Grid: allows input of 6,8 or 10 figure coordinates, spaces ignored

Combined Goto and Find Place dialogs, and added Create Mark option.

Fixed: Spikes in translucent or dashed overlay lines

Fixed crash: Overlay/Delete All while profile window open

Added Timex Trainer GPS/heart rate data file import (Overlay/Import, CSV)

Added Silva MultiNavigator GPS support.

Shapefile import - show example content in Field selection

MMAPI: Added function to set MMNav Window size and placement


Changes from 4.4.3 to 5.0.0

3D: Seamless track/route fly-through (full terrain detail no matter how long the track)

3D: Horizon view (terrain extends out to a much greater distance)

3D: Video file output (add fly-through to your own movies)

Multi-Media Route Card (photo thumbnails, overview map, elevation profile)

Printing: Easier area selection

Printing: Print multi-page along route/track

Added Route color

Added route/track line thickness, dash/dot style, transparency

Added checkboxes for object visibility in tree control

Added Right-click menu in overlay object tree

Added Drag-n-drop in overlay tree control

Added JPG/JGW map import

Fixed: Splitting active track

Better dialog help

SDK: Support multiple simultaneous client applications (MMAPI clients require a recompile to work with v5)

Changes from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3

Fixed NAD27 Geotiff map calibration

Fixed GPX export track timestamp

Fixed ActiveX Goto Bug (no longer opens new map windows)

Fixed problem importing some greyscale DOQQ

Fixed position icon redraw on hi-res PPC when not locked-on

Fixed splitting active track

Increased the max number of user-defined symbol icons to 300

Added support for WebTrac-4 tracking device

Added Heart rate to CSV track data import/export

Added Import of Shapefile datatypes PointZ and PointM

Added GPS Demo simulation from track log

Sending elevation data to PDA - works with 1:100k maps.

Added Magellan eXplorist data file import/export

Easier setting of comports COM10 and higher

Pocket PC: lock-onto-GPS state is saved

Changes from 4.4.0 to 4.4.2

Printing: Draw & label any grid, with color & thickness

Maptech BSB5 format supported (chartkit companion CDs)

Added keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-P (print), Ctrl-F (find), Ctrl-M (Map list), Ctrl-O (Overlay Props)

Added Garmin Forerunner 301 (including Heart rate graph)

Added ability to link Hotspot to topic in Help (.chm) file

Added ActiveX control to drive map display from Web/Help

Added Position format: lat,long (+/-)

More flexible lat/long entry format (eg: 36d 44'.2N 174d 55'.5E)

Speed & elevation profiles: Axes labeled.

Added GPS altitude graph

More file types can be opened by file association/drag-n-drop/command line

Pocket PC: Added "Today Screen" menu command.

Pocket PC: Re-organized settings dialog

Pocket PC: More flexible use of hardware buttons

Pocket PC: Context menus can be invoked by hardware button instead of tap-and-hold

Pocket PC: Added "Mark Current Position" command

Pocket PC: Hi-res graphics are bigger

Pocket PC: Taskbar: Always/With Toolbar/Never

Pocket PC: Added Elevation and Nautical chart Depth Units to data popup

Pocket PC: If application is installed on a storage card, userdata.mmo and

   indexdata.mmi are also on the storage card, not in main memory.

Pocket PC: Maps at cursor menu

Added "Save As" in overlay popup menus

Added Remote Tracking


Fixed Corrupt Latitude data in mmo causes crash

Fixed GPX <link> tag error

Fixed Overlay Props dialog: Ctrl-X/C/V shortcuts for the object name & category

Fixed edit of map datum offset in meters

Fixed object name empty when tree edit item loses focus

Fixed "Please enter a number" error in Simulator dialog

Fixed Garmin D302 Track import (GPSMap276c)

SDK: MM_SetWindow command does not re-position the mouse cursor

Pocket PC: fixed OS-edition toolbar tooltips

Reduced threshold for scale-in/out

Merge Map: Merged filename based on name of map

Merge Map: Do not delete original unmerged map

Pocket PC: Fixed bug causing scale bar to disappear

Nav data: Distance to end, Time to end and ETA end work with goto waypoint as well as follow route

Changes from 4.3.1 to 4.4.0

Pocket PC: Hi-res support for VGA screen

Added LOC & GPX File Import/Export

Tracklog: Automatic velocity spike rejection

Added fix type / quality to Satellites window.

Added HTML/CSV/XML templates for Route Card

Added import/export of Lowrance USR files (iFinder and Silva Atlas GPS)

Added CSV import/export of routes, tracks and text overlays

Added Molodensky three parameter datum shift specification for map import

Added Position Format: "Other Grid..." - imports user-defined projection parameter file

Import RGB Tif/GeoTiff import

Added Garmin datatypes 152 & 154 (GPS90 etc)

Added Suunto X9 GPS

More accurate distance calculations

Added Township & Range position format - Canada (Pro license)

3D: fixed "Home" keyboard shortcut (5 key)

Fixed crash caused by bad dates

Fixed crash on Overlay/Delete all while overlay props are selected

Fixed Garmin Quest track import/export

Fixed hotkey press-and-hold on iPaq h4700

Changes from 4.2.4 to 4.3.1

Windows 98 and Windows NT are no longer supported

Added new Garmin protocols (Forerunner, D110)

Fixed crash: Overlay/Delete All, with props dialog open.

More detailed debug log for Garmin USB

Bug fix: Proximity/Anchor alarms open the linked HotSpot file only once

Printing: Made overlay size the same for different zoom levels

Fixed Garmin USB error "Failed to get device protocol capabil"

PDA / Send visible Map Portion: fixed bug sending elevation data

Fixed crash when exporting to GPS, where waypoints have identical "Name on GPS" less than 6 letters

Discoverer license now includes map export (where permitted by map publisher)

Added GPS limits section in GPS setup (WP name length, WP per Route, points per track)

Fixed crash editing Category in Obj Props

Overlay Objects and Categories can be renamed by editing the tree labels in the Obj Props

Fixed crashes associated with zero-length tracks

Routes and waypoint default names are unique

XP admin install, multi-user

Disable operations on locked track

When drawing track that ends off the edge of the map, allow double-clicking to terminate

PocketPC: Re-enabled overlay "Send E-mail" commands (not OS edition)

PocketPC: Settings - you can select the Enter key as the zoom-in/zoom-out hotkey (for TDS Recon)

PocketPC: Overlay list: Added cursor keys/enter key

PocketPC: Overlay list: Fixed broken "New WP" and "New Route" buttons

PocketPC: Data windows: Bigger resize handles. Corner handle drawn.

Navigation data window: added Time to Next, ETA Next, Distance to end, Time to End, VMG parallel to leg. (not OS edition)

Added Overlay / Show/Hide / Matching... (not OS edition)

Pocket PC: Full-screen mode (not OS edition)

Pocket PC: some GPS devices listed twice in GPS setup.

Help toolbar button renamed to avoid confusion with Help menu

Prox/Anchor alarm with Hotspot link - no beeping after opening the file.

Added text to browser redirect for Windows SP2


Changes from 4.2.1 to 4.2.4

Text labels in printout are too big

Printing: Blank map print in W98, fixed

Save printer settings (printer, paper size, orientation, etc) (does not work for W98)

Map list: File size for maps larger than 2GB shown correctly

Show estimated time remaining in Progress dialog

Garmin: Better error reporting in protocol startup

Bug: Crash on CSV/Index import with unbalanced quote

Marks: Added circle type to CSV import/export

PPC: Added "Disable Auto Power-off" option

Track-to-route threshold is now controlled by track's min update distance.

License change: CSV import allowed in Navigator/Discoverer

License change: Navigator/Discoverer allows printing up to 13"x19"

Added NAD27 datum for Alaska & Hawaii (with additional data file download)

Added support for Garmin USB GPS

Changes from 4.0.0 to 4.2.1

Major New Features

Added Route/Track 3D Fly-through: Fly along a route or track in the 3D viewer (right-click on route/track)

Powerful new overlay management, with user defined icons and categories.

Relief shaded map printing. (option in Print dialog)

Map image export (Map menu, only enabled if the map copyright owner allows export).

Other Changes / Additions


3D view options in mode menu: enhanced resolution and hardware control.

3D view: remembers last used view settings and window placement.

3D view: stops spinning when another window is activated.

Join Tracks (right-click)

Track: Reduce points (right-click)

Track: smooth velocity spikes

Track: display of total distance during track drawing

Route: Route card gives distance from start

Proximity and Anchor alarm circles can be set with user-selected units.

Mark: Range circles around marks (without any alarm).

Mark: Hotspot link direct to web URL

Range circles around current position.

Waypoint arrival alarm and Cross-track error alarm (right-click in nav window)

Sync windows: don't sync zoom level

Elevation Profile: added height scale and printing

Print window and Print to scale are now options in one Print dialog

Added lat/long grid, labeling and margins to print.

Professional license features:

Enhanced CSV and Shapefile import

Automatic tracklog segment joining in Shapefile import

Night colors on Pocket PC.

NMEA import (RMC, and WPL sentences)

SDK (Software Development Kit / Programming Interface).

PPC features:

Overlay backup

Split tracks

Added speed profile

Night colors (Overlay/Settings) (pro feature)

Added "Storage card on PC" option for Send Map to PDA

Most of the above changes apply to PPC, too.

Bugs fixed

Text overlay text could be edited when locked

Changed buoy shapes to match US convention (green can, red nun)

Tracklog elevation profile, last point was at 0 elevation.

Route-to-track and track-to-route now hide the converted object.

QCT maps bigger than 2GB show a negative size in Map list

PRJ file import Albers projection ignored Lat0.

JPR import: ignore projections, if the projection name is not known.

3D viewer uses temp folder, not C:\

3D view: Spin stops when window is loses input focus.

3D view: save all settings.

Hotspot file links now use relative path.

Route time estimate, allow negative value for descent coefficient

Fixed problem importing overlays with same name.

Fixed crash on "Send Visible Portion to PDA" during map refresh.

Fixed screen flicker when drawing routes/tracks

Changes from 3.1.6 to 4.0.0

3D View - display any kind of map, chart or aerial photo, draped over a terrain elevation model.

Track log "wrap" mode.

Convert between tracks and routes.

Split track (break a track into two separate tracks).

Drop Waypoint from route, without deleting the waypoint.

Draw tracks and add formatted text overlay.

Speed and elevation profile of track log.

Sync windows - view map and aerial photo side-by-side, with automatic scrolling.

Professional license available, with enhanced printing, import/export and display options. ESRI Shapefile support included.

Pocket PC: fixed update flicker when locked-on

Overlay props tree control up/down cursor keys allow rapid scrolling through items

Track popup data: time and distance from start added.

Fixed ActiveSync compatibility problem.

Also, we now use the word Map instead of Chart, throughout the software. Although the product started as a marine navigation tool, 90% of our users are now land-based.

Changes from 3.1.5 to 3.1.6

Bug fix for Magellan GPS data import/export.

Bug fix in the PDA Overlay List, when viewing tracklog properties on non-active track.

Added support for new Navman GPS models.

Changes from 3.1.1 to 3.1.5

Added Chart / Elevation menu command to explicitly load elevation data file.

Added CSV import format for marks (includes hotspot  file support).

Allow De-selection of charts in the Chart list, with Ctrl-click

Compatible with the latest Navman SmartST service pack.

Bug fix for crash on printing or deleting overlays during refresh of large maps.

Added support for the Lambert Conformal Conic projection in JPR files.

Improved calibration with TAB files and TFW/PRJ files.

Changes from 3.0.2 to 3.1.1

Added easy calibration of scanned maps.

Added Right-click / Merge menu, to join adjacent (or overlapping) maps or charts to create large seamless maps. Also Merge button in Chart list dialog for merging multiple charts.

Right-click / Charts at Cursor, now lists available charts.

Added Chart / Create Blank Chart (used as a basis for merging, or as a plotting sheet)

Added SiRF binary GPS. (Use with Kane/Royaltek GPS, which is not setup to use NMEA).

Anchor / Proximity alarms: If you link to file, the file is opened when the alarm is triggered. Play a sound file, show a picture... you can have a lot of fun with this feature!

Pocket PC. Menu / Overlay / List. Lists overlays, and allows you to control "visible" setting, with multi-selection. Also allows creation and use of marks and routes without the need for any map.

Pocket PC. Popup data appears above the stylus for better visibility.

Added NAD27 support for Canada.

More consistent color palette when importing 256-color PNG files.

Fixed: "File too big" problem with large seamless maps.

Bug: In NMEA mode, if the serial port behaves strangely (COM3), the Pocket PC responds to taps very slowly.

Bug: Waypoint props edit. Can't enter a position with a South latitude.

Bug: Fixed old PCX/RML missing chart names.

Bug: WP alarm circles drawn elliptical if chart is not North-up.

NB: This build supports Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002. We no longer support Handheld PC 2000. If this affects you, let us know. If there is enough demand, we will support it (and maybe other WinCE 3.0 devices).

Changes from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2

Fixed: Profile window bugs

Fixed: Track total length recalculated after Delete Trackpoint

Fixed: Zoom in, Click: map sometimes shifts one pixel and refresh does not line up.

Added: PDA / Send All Placenames to PDA

Added: Nautical chart names are prefixed by the chart number

Changes from 2.6.1 to 3.0.1

Hotspots: (Marks that are linked to an external file) Used to place photos, audio notes, etc on the map.

Support for seamless maps, and elevation data for route profile (requires Memory-Map's new UK cartography).

Magellan GPS now supported for upload/download.

Added UTM grid on NAD83.

Print map at a fixed scale.

ETA and VMG calculation.

Customizable Nav data windows.

You can extract just part of a large map to send to Pocket Nav on the PDA.

Compatible with Maptech BSB version 4 charts.

Fixed some printing bugs.

Imported maps (qct files) are more efficiently compressed.

Additional Tiff/TFW georeferencing files accepted.

Scale in / Scale out toolbar buttons.

Printable "Route Card" (list of waypoints in a route).

Additional mark/waypoint icons

User-selectable default symbols for marks and waypoints.

GPS simulator mode for evaluation and training.

Better position feedback when dragging a waypoint.

Heading vector shown when using simulator or NMEA input from integrated instrument system.


Changes from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1

Fixed problem causing waypoints to remain when the route is hidden.

Fixed problem with duplicate waypoints when importing route data.

Changes from 2.5.6 to 2.6.0

Added UTM and British Grid coordinates

Better handling of Memory-Map OS maps from CD

PDA / Send Chart to PDA prompts for destination

When you record a voice note, a Pocket Navigator creates a mark at the current position.

PDA buttons: press-and-hold fixed for iPaq PocketPC 2002

Satellite status window

Separate lock-on status for Alternate View

PDA: email features removed for PocketPC 2002

Anchor alarm

File size shown in Chart Select dialog

Send to PDA button in Chart Select dialog (allows multiple chart download)

Changes from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6

Fixed a possible program lock-up when starting a new tracklog with NMEA GPS input.

Fixed problem importing PNG/JPR map files.

Changes from 2.5.2 to 2.5.5

Fixed installation upgrade problems: no need to un-install previous version.

Fixed problem when you view a location on an un-imported chart, then cancel during chart import.

Fixed problem when you double click in the Route Properties waypoint list.

User interface changes: menu items have been renamed and moved around to make them more intuitive.

Changes from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2

Fixed crash when you exit the software if an NMEA GPS is selected but no GPS is connected.

Simplified overlay menu.

New chart now defaults to replace the chart in the current window. Set the "New Window" check box to open a new chart window.

New feature: Proximity alarms (previously supported only for download to a GPS) now cause the computer to beep.

Changes from version 2.4 to 2.5.1

Major New Features

Minor Enhancements

Bugs Fixed