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We've lost count of the amount of requests we've had for an iPhone application to run Memory-Map's award winning software and maps... Well, it is available now!



Memory-Map Weather Radar


A quick, simple and efficient way to view live NWS radar images on your phone. Only $9.99 no subscription required.


Whether you are planning a picnic or racing a sailboat, it is always useful to know what is heading your way!

NEW: version 5.5 now available



AIS Ship tracking on PC and Windows Mobile.

An amazing new system which shows the position of ships, overlaid on a marine chart, in the palm of your hand, PocketAIS provides the recreational boater with an additional tool to help avoid commercial shipping.






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Real-Time Tracking With Memory-Map Professional, you can use our free internet tracking service to show the real-time location of mobile users or assets, or track commercial ships using AIS radio transponders.


Pocket PC magazine's board of experts has voted Memory-Map to be among the best in its category.